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Hays Fabricating & Welding - in business since 1977, our custom manufacturing services will cut your overall cost and reduce stress. Long run or specials are not a problem! Aftermarket parts do not affect our ability to deliver to your requirements. Read below for more information. Contact us with any questions you may have.

We routinely make parts and assemblies for a large variety of end users. Just think of all the item management and labor time savings, as well as lower inventory costs when you outsource with Hays Fabricating.

We are skilled fabricators, machinists and certified welders with decades of proven performance.

Send us your design or parts. Whether it is production welding, machining or complete manufacturing, we solve your problems!

  • Run Sizes - Long runs or short runs are not an issue with Hays Fabricating. If you need only 10 or 100, we can do that. We have several customers who have been buying "10 at a time" for 30 years. Give us an opportunity to show you why.
  • Specials - "I only need one and it is going to be a bear!" We have a drawer full of pictures of "bears". Not a problem! or "Same thing, only different." Does this describe your family of products? We hear this routinely. Call us and share your requirements.
  • American Welding Society Structural Steel and Bridge Code.
  • We have manufactured to assorted military and civilian codes.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • CNC Machining to 60 inches
  • Shearing, rolling and bending of half-inch plate
  • Automatic sawing and shape cutting

If you don't see it listed, call us and ask.

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