Problem Solvers

Hays is a problem solver

Hays understands your needs and will work with you. We understand that our job is to make you look good!


Hays is quality compliant

ISO 9001:2000 and AWS compliant and ASME approved.

Pressure Vessels

Hays manufactures ASME pressure vessels to your specifications.

ASME pressure vessels and tanks, manufactured to your specifications using a 15 point Hays quality process.

Rack Repair

Hays repairs delivery racks.

Your important delivery racks and baskets, repaired at our location, and stored at Hays' facility until you need them.

Call: 937.325.0031

  • Our Commitment to You, Since 1977

    We've been serving customers since 1977. We plan on being here for years to come.

    We specialize in high quality metal fabrication and repair at fair prices that keeps folks like you coming back year after year.

    We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and fully authorized by the ASME Code (the ASME Code covers boiler, pressure vessel and nuclear work).

    You can trust our quality. We know our stuff and can understand your needs. Worry free!

    New! Hays Fabricating is an Ohio Department of Transportation approved fabricator.

  • What can Hays Fab do for you?

    Do you need a supplier for your low quantity, repeat order parts?

    Do you need a supplier who understands what you are up against and can adapt to your needs?

    Do you need a financially stable supplier?

    Do you need a supplier who doesn't whine about what they can and can't do?

    We understand that our job is to make you look good!

    Hays Fabricating wants to be your best supplier!

    • CNC machining to 60 inches
    • 600 ton brake press
    • Half inch x 12 foot Plate Shears

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